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A World of Dreams

Metafter*Life is a virtual reality platform into which all Portals will be integrated, offering one of a kind social club. This VR platform is accessible only to Club Members.

Our intention is to create a Virtual Club where owners of different NFTs can enter and interact with each other. In the beginning, it will be easier to integrate our own NFT Collections (Portals) but we are very excited about the prospect of bridging other projects as well. It is no longer a secret that everyone is craving for the Metaverse.

Metafter*Life is responsible for designing and creating the Portals, which are basically NFT collections acting as entry points to the community. The NFTs of these Portals can be collected on their own or can be used in the universe. Ownership of a NFT collection can give anyone a Club Member Status.

Our team is currently working hard to develop our Genesis Portal – the Snwoman Collection, however plans of another 4 Portals are already in pipeline.

Club Members play a very important role in the “metafter*Life” ecosystem. Being so, a Seniority System will be created and Club Members will be rewarded according to their membership term.

Apart from Portals, two other important features of the MA*L Club are in development and they are -

“Babylon Palace” - This is a Virtual Reality venue where Club Members can connect and interact with each other.

“Flip-NFT” - A dedicated marketplace where the club members can trade, exchange or transfer their Attributes, Snwoman designs or other “in-game” NFTs.

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