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The GiftBox is a package containing 7 Attributes to be added to the SnwomanNFT in order to create the Avatar.This vibrant NFT collection includes:

  • 350/Characters + 350/DIY.Avatars + 7000/MIX.Avatars + 77/Legendary = 7777GiftBoxes.
  • The Collection revolves around 70 Unique Characters, hand drawn in 5 different SETS, for a Total of 350 special Characters Artwork as OG; and 77 artistically hand drawn as Legendary.

  • Each SET will have a theme: Space, Urban, Glow, Winter, Degen, Legendary.
  • Every Character has a standard package of 6 Attributes designed by the Snwoman YClub to be interchangeable. At the moment, the 6 Attributes are:

    • Head (facial expression or facial accessory)
    • Belt
    • Overcoat
    • Scarf/Necklace/Tie
    • Hat/Mask
    • Weapon/Tool

    The 7th Attribute that completes a GiftBox is the Background, an indivisible Artwork consisting of 4 Layers: Color, Wallpaper, Ground, SuperSnwoman(head, arms, buttons). We plan for later, to offer the possibility to the Snwomen to break down this Attribute in each of the layers that makes it.

    The basic idea is that each SnwomanNFT will receive 1GiftBox (7Attributes) all in 1NFT. Once our app is ready, the NFT owners (Snwomen/Club Members) will have the option to divide (fractionalize) their NFT into 8 NFTs.

    Remember, ONLY the SnwomanNFT grants you the membership. When you have each Attribute as an NFT you can swap and match your existing attributes with other Snwomen to create some new quirky Avatars. SYC is helping to recreate your childhood experiences where you pretended to play as a pirate, firefighter, and astronaut or as the superhero you created in your imagination by combining the characteristics of your favorite heroes.

    The Collection is curate to fit the concept, and will be divided in:


    Alien / Angel / Anubius / Astronaut / Biker / Builder / Businessman / Cat / Chef / Clown / Cowboy / Devil / Dino / Doctor / Dog / Dragon / Driver eAfrica / eChina / eEurope / eIndia / eIreland / eJapan / eKorea / eMexic / eNAmerica / eSpain / eViking / Eagle / Fighter / Fisherman / Frog / King / Lion / Magician / Monkey / Owl / Phantom / Pharaoh / Pilot / Pirate / Policeman / Pope / Postman / Punker / PunkSteam / Queen / Rabbit / Reaper / Reindeer / sBaseball / sBasketball / sFootball / sGolf / sSki sTennis / SantaClaus / ScareCrow / Showman / Skeleton / Soldier / StoneAge / TeddyBear / TrainConductor / Unicorn / Vampire / WinterPlay / Wizzard / Wolf / Zombie

    GiftBox Full0Collections

    For this tier, we allocated 350 SnwomanNFT’s and the GiftBoxes will include Full Characters. Each SnowmanNFT in this collection will be sold or auctioned.

  • *for every Snwoman sold we will burn 1$Xjoy
  • GiftBox MIX0Collections

    As our Main Collection, SnwomanYC has come up with a stunning array of Avatars. For this collection, we allocated 7000 SnwomanNFT’s and each will receive 1 Random Mixed-Attributes GiftBox.

  • *main collection SnwomanNFT+GiftBox can be randomly redeemed 1:1 with $XJOY
  • GiftBox DIY0Collections

    For this tier, we allocated 350 SnwomanNFT’s and the GiftBoxes will have the option to be created by it’s owner. Each SnowmanNFT in this collection will be sold or auctioned… (via Whitelist)

  • *for every Snwoman sold we will burn 1$Xjo
  • GiftBox Legendary Collection

    For the Legendary tier, we’ll offer for auction 77 SnwomanNFT’s + GiftBox, artistically hand drawn

  • *for every Snwoman sold we will burn 1$Xjoy