Welcome in!

A New World is being established out there.

For so long, humanity has fantasied about the Virtual World, and we are now closer than ever to living in it.

The human race requires another evolutionary stride, and the two alternatives are extraterrestrial or virtual. While we have no doubt that interplanetary travel will occur, we are here to assist in the creation of the Virtual World.

During thousands of years of evolution, humans developed the need to collect goods and information to help enhance their lives. As children, we began collecting cards or stamps, and growing older we moved on to watches or cars. Now is the time to move ahead and build our Collections into Virtual Reality. Blockchain technology makes it easier to keep it in our control, and play with it for many generations to come. It is, and has always been, about Legacy.

It's time to start thinking about your Virtual Legacy. A Life Collection that may be displayed to everyone and will never be forgotten. The way we see it personally, it's the next generation of social platforms. We're kind of all living in a virtual world already, just the user interface is very bad.

We envisage the Metaverse as a world of dreams where the only restriction is your imagination. Although it is difficult to begin or navigate through all of these new problems, we are here to assist.

Snwoman – the NFT

We are like the Snowman: a "Blank Canvas" to which we may add any "Attribute" we wish. We can either build it ourselves or have others do it for us; but the basic idea is that we are all born with nothing on and slowly we can add value to our lives.

To move on, we must return to our roots and relive our childhood. Everything began there, and it was lovely because it gave us the opportunity to utilize our imagination to build our vision of life.

Our Hero's name is the SnwomanNFT, and it is not a typo. It is our take on a blank virtual canvas and is an extension of our idea that all opportunities are equal. We selected a blank canvas since building is enjoyable.

Similar to Second Life, SnwomanNFT creates an online environment where users may build avatars, communicate with other users, and take part in activities like art exhibitions, concerts, and home building on their virtual lots. Even though they are not physically present together, friends from all over the world can get together for events and feel a feeling of community.

We see the SnwomanNFT as a membership card, a card that can unlock the Portal to another world (Metaverse) where Club Members can enjoy different perks:

  • Will ever exist max 7777 SnwomanNFT/$xJOY;
  • $XJOY Loyalty Reward Programs and Future Airdrops;
  • Loyalty Reward Programs from other revenue streams (Partnerships & Collabs)
  • for more see Utility Page

Snowman - the CLUB


  • A Universe where everyone has a Happy Childhood!
  • Mission

  • Snowman YClub is building the foundation of a universe where members will have the opportunity to create the virtual life of their dream.
  • The Club is a group of like-minded pioneers looking for thrilling adventures in the new world(Metaverse). NFTs and NFT Games are all the hype lately, with prices and number of users skyrocketing – SnwomanNFT is the one to look out for.

    Every Club Member is called Snwoman, and to become a Snwoman you have to own 1 SnwomanNFT or 1 $XJOY.

    Our core values are:

  • CURIOSITY (to explore new territories)
  • COURAGE (to try new ideas)
  • CREATIVITY (to build and adapt)
  • DETERMINATION (to persevere in difficult times)
  • Team SYC is rooted in social values and believes in giving back to the society that inspired us. We would wish to assist children who are less fortunate in having a normal upbringing. A minimum of 5% of our revenue will be dedicated to this worthy cause. We commit to using this chance to finance whichever event we believe best represents our cause and interests.

  • Metafter*Life is the name of our universe.
  • Snwoman - the UTILITY

    We are more than an NFT !

    Like all good projects, the Snwoman is committed to increase its utility as well. We strive and work hard behind the scenes to add more value to our club members. In the beginning we had just two directions in which we started to develop our project, but now we are constantly increasing it:

    1. Cool Artwork NFTs :

    the Snwoman + the GiftBox is a cool artwork just to own by itself.

    2. Loyalty Reward Programs :

    Now, since we finished with the Airdrops, we will be using the Community Wallet as our Community Treasury. This is our way of rewarding our Club Members for their help and loyalty. All the remaining $XJOYs in the walle (we will add as well tokens or NFTs from other partners or collaboration Projects) will be after used in our Loyalty Reward Programs.

  • *each time we will have a LRP(loyalty reward program) we’ll announce it officially.
  • 3. the Avatar:

    An Avatar is a visual self-representation created by adding together 7 Attributes to our SnwomanNFT.

    Mixing Cool Artwork with a reason for people to exchange and collect it makes for a fun game. The main idea is that each SNWOMAN will receive A GIFTBOX with 7 random attributes, depending of its tier. The owners will have the option to mint the 7 attributes in 7 NFTs, and from there the fun will start. You can exchange the attributes with other Snowmen until you create your prefect Avatar, and if you get bored of it you can exchange it further.

  • *Behind the scene we played the mix and match the artwork and it’s addictive.
  • 4. Other cool features

    • Free access to our Games and Social Club;
    • Airdrops from future NFT Collections we are planning to develop;
    • Joy’s Adventures (we plan to create a cartoon series where our Snwoman, will face a lot of challenges and meet a lot of XRPL famous characters);
    • Kids Book;
    • Discounts to our exclusive Merch;
    • Fashion Icon
  • * Please note that the Games are in the planning / concept creation phase, so more information will be provided as the development starts.
  • Minting & Distribution of NFTs

    The XRPL “blockchain” powers the SnwomanNFT collection, and:

    A Snwoman Avatars from the GiftBox MIX0Collections can be redeemed 1:1$Xjoy token.

    The first 2 Collections:

    • Snwoman GiftBox MIX1Space
    • Snwoman GiftBox MIX2Urban

    will be distributed in collaboration with our good frens at XMART. They created a random distribution service on their platform where one can exchange 1$XJOY for a SPIN( a random selection of an existing NFT in the collection).

    The Last 3 MIX Collections, most probably will be distributed using the same platform.

    B Snwoman Characters from the GiftBox FULL0Collections will be minted by Snwoman YClub and will be sold or auctioned directly as NFTs. For each NFT sold/auctioned 1$XJOY will be burned by the SYC.

    C Snwoman DIY Avatars from the GiftBox DIY0Collections will be minted by Snwoman YClub and will be sold or auctioned as whitelist spots, on a first come - first served basis. Each DIY Avatar buyer will have the option to create their own Snwoman, with the available attributes . For each NFT sold/auctioned 1$XJOY will be burned by the SYC.

  • * at the minting date, the SnwomanNFT & the GiftBox will be minted as a whole NFT; and once the gaming platform is released, at each’s Snwoman(Club Member / NFT owner) choice, this NFT can be divided in 8 NFTs : the SnwomanNFT, and each of the 7 Attributes that comprise the GiftBox (one NFT for each attribute).
  • Our NFTs are a cool piece of art to own on their own; but, we are working hard to put our Vision into action and add another layer of swag to it. It will not be a simple undertaking to complete, but our dedication to learning and discovering answers will help us achieve it.

    Minting Address: rN4ssj1UBMooLuUxLt3nSBB8huS1fFB4JE


    At the moment of starting the project, the XRPLedger did not natively support NFTs. In preparation for the integration of this feature, we issued 7777 $XJOY (IOU tokens) from an issuer account on the XRPL.

    In the mean time, we aligned ourselves to the market conditions and legal requirements, and since we advanced this far without the need to raise funds by selling in a pre-sale event; we are using $XJOY tokens only for a randomly distribution of our Snwoman Avatars from the GiftBox MIX0Collections on platforms like XMART(SPIN) or similar.

    rJAvx8FtrLR3RyZyM1LyVQFxxsLdT1PmdS (XjoyIssuer)

  • The account is now, blackholed.
  • The $XJOY will be used as follows:
  • A. Community Treasury: 2625 $Xjoy


  • this wallet is being used for Airdrops & Loyalty Reward Programs
  • D. Partnerships & GA Wallet: 875 $Xjoy


  • this wallet is being used for GiveAway Prizes and Partnerships
  • B. the Shop Wallet: 3500 $Xjoy/NFT


  • 2723 $Xjoy Future Sales
  • 777 $Xjoy will be burned for each Character or DIY Avatar sold
  • C. Team Wallet: 777 $Xjoy


  • - 30% unlocked in Q1 of ‘23
  • - 30% unlocked in Q2 of ‘23
  • - 40% unlocked in Q3 of ‘23
  • * previously A & D Wallets were part of the Community Wallet, but for more transparency and easier trace-ability, from now we split them in 2 different addresses.
  • ** A & B Wallets might be used to execute BUY-BACKS of $XJOYs from the market.




    Co-Founder & Project Admin


    Technical Admin


    Snwoman Designer


    Character Designer


    Character Designer

    Ajith KT


    Team Members




    This site is built as our WhitePaper. If you get involved in any shape or form in the: SYC pre-sale, NFT sale, and/or airdrop(s), you agree that you read this entire WhitePaper and that you understood and agreed to the following:

    1. This WhitePaper is provided solely for information purposes and it is not legally binding. Its purpose is to provide relevant information regarding the SYC project. We reserve the right to make changes to the material in this document at any time.

    2. Investing, holding, or speculating on digital assets involves a great risk. We recommend everyone to do their research before deciding to get involved. The decentralized nature of XRPL makes it impossible for us to restrict anyone’s participation.

    3. $XJOY IS JUST the current Representation of the Snwoman’s artwork on the XRPL. ONCE the XRPL will allow minting, the holders of 1$XJOY can exchange their token to mint 1NFT (Snwoman GiftBox MIX0Collections).

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